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Integrate Dataminr signals into your products as a platform partner

Dataminr—the market leader in real-time information discovery—enables platform partners to integrate the signals generated by our cutting edge AI platform and real-time alerting into your products and solutions to deliver unique customer value.


Deliver greater customer value

Empower your customers to anticipate, respond to and mitigate the impacts of fast-emerging events around the globe by integrating Dataminr’s signals into your purpose-built solutions.

Operate in real time

Operate in real time

Leverage our groundbreaking AI platform, which processes 500K+ public data sources in real time and leverages multi-modal event detection to correlate data spanning multiple formats—including text, images, audio and video—to detect high-impact events and emerging risks.

Deliver value

Deliver value

Increase the value you provide your customers by using real-time information discovery to differentiate current products and expand the breadth of your offerings. The speed and granularity of our AI platform enables unparalleled real-time discovery.

Gain a competitive advantage for your products

Gain a competitive advantage for your products

Platform partners can leverage our signals to create groundbreaking and market-differentiated products and services.

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