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Real-time AI for Event and Risk Detection

Dataminr’s real-time AI platform detects the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks from within publicly available data.

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Welcome WatchKeeper
to Dataminr

We’re excited to announce our acquisition of WatchKeeper. The addition of this innovative geovisualization platform to Dataminr Pulse will empower forward-thinking businesses to re-engineer how they manage tomorrow’s advanced information landscape.

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The world's leading organizations depend on Dataminr

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From our Blog: Multi-Modal Fusion AI for Real-time Event Detection

Dataminr is using deep learning-based multi-modal AI fusion methods to improve event detection accuracy. AI multi-modal fusion has significant potential for the mixture of other data modalities as well.

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Case Study

Pilgrims Risk
Management Group

Pilgrims Risk Management Group uses Dataminr to protect its people and assets in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

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What our clients are saying

Dataminr “fits perfectly in as a piece of the puzzle, as one of the component parts that ensures everything runs smoothly for the SOC [security operations center]. ...It’s a critical tool for the SOC to carry out their function effectively.”

Global Manager of Risk and Information Services,

Pilgrims Group

"When you look at Dataminr, my thinking is if it gives you even two minutes advance notice of an event, prior to anything coming through other media, that’s money well spent."

Security Emergency Response Center, Senior Security Advisory,

Major Australian Utilities Provider

"Monitoring Dataminr allows us to be alerted to important events as they begin. It allows us to be responsive in spotting the news, so we can send our teams to the field more quickly, and identify relevant witnesses and images. It has become an essential tool for us on a daily basis."

Team Lead, Innovation in News,


“Dataminr alerts us ahead of anyone else to potential risks in our area. They are superstars of real-time alerting!"

Security Operations Center Supervisor,

Forum Entertainment

"Whenever I try to explain [Dataminr] to somebody I tell them that it’s magic. I have no idea how it works—I just know it works for us."

Digital News Editor and Innovation Director,

Columbus Dispatch

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Dataminr Ranked Number 5 on the Forbes AI 50 List

The inaugural Forbes AI 50 list is the definitive ranking of the most promising private AI companies in the U.S.

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