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Real-time Alerts for Today’s Newsrooms

Journalists in more than 650 newsrooms around the world depend on Dataminr 24/7 for the earliest tips on breaking events and pre-viral information, gaining an extra edge in reporting stories that are most relevant to their audiences.

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Discover Breaking Events
Receive alerts when critical incidents begin.
Case Study
The New York Post Digital Network, a leader in newsroom innovation, relies on Dataminr for News to receive the earliest tips to breaking news and pre-viral stories. Journalists receive real-time alerts via Slack, TweetDeck, mobile, and email channels, enabling staff to “cut through the noise.”
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Dataminr acts as a really fast, really important tip sheet for us. It's an essential tool that helps us make sense of half a billion tweets a day, filtering what’s very likely to be important to our newsroom.
Mary Nahorniak
Deputy Managing Editor Of Digital, USA Today
Stay Ahead of Trending Stories
Find fresh ideas earlier.
Case Study
On June 29, 2018, a residential tower block with cladding caught fire in East London, immediately prompting fears of a possible Grenfell scenario. Dataminr delivered the earliest indications of the event as it emerged on Twitter, and continued to provide photos and video as the fire unfolded to newsrooms around the globe before it was safely extinguished.

Dataminr has alerted us to a number of major news events ahead of other sources, including the bombing of the Brussels airport and the 14 July Nice attack. Enabling us to start our newsgathering process earlier allows us to focus on the best ways to tell the story.
Laurent Frisch
Radio France
Cover the Globe, or Your Neighborhood
Global and local data sources increase the relevance of the alerts you receive.
Case Study
Global and local data sources increase the relevance of the alerts you receive Text: The earliest indications of coordinated terrorist attacks on the French Embassy and Army headquarters in Burkina Faso's capital came from Dataminr for News. Getting a head start on breaking news gives journalists more time to identify primary sources and vet their credibility.
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Surface relevant, emerging events from publicly available information

Dataminr has built the leading real-time AI platform for detecting global events by processing billions of public data inputs per day in a wide range of formats and from over 100,000 distinct public data sources. These public data inputs include text, images, video, sound, and public IoT sensor data.

Our AI models span natural language understanding, computer vision, sound/audio detection and anomaly detection in machine-generated data streams.

What You Can Do with Dataminr

Get critical details from sources on the ground

Dataminr discovers and delivers the earliest alerts about sports, politics, and other compelling stories. Early alerts give journalists a head start on covering the stories that matter most to their audience, from science and technology to entertainment and fashion.


Stay in front of fast-moving events

With a single click, the Track Story feature enables reporters and editors to receive emerging details as breaking news unfolds. Automatic real-time updates help newsrooms maintain an edge on pre-viral stories and alert readers as changes happen.

Alerts arrive directly within trusted tools

Fast-paced newsrooms depend on efficient workflows that supports timely, informed editorial decisions. Dataminr offers flexible delivery, so journalists can receive alerts seamlessly through a web-based dashboard, email, mobile app, Slack, TweetDeck, or API integration.

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