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AI for Modern Newsrooms

Journalists in over 650 newsrooms around the world rely on Dataminr for News to discover the earliest possible indications of breaking news and gain an edge in covering the stories that matter most to their audiences.

Be the First to Breaking News

Be alerted to unfolding events in real time, so you can break stories that matter to your audience.
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Case Study
Nearly 650 Daily Mail journalists have been using Dataminr for News to break global and local stories in real time and as they unfold. Reporters receive real-time alerts from Dataminr’s more than 200,000 public information sources which include social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, IoT sensor data, audio transmissions, and the deep and dark web just to name a few.
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“With Dataminr, we look for the unexpected,” said Ogier. “But, most importantly, Dataminr provides the common thread in rapidly developing news moments that help us stay alive.”
Donna Ogier
Global Director of Platform Partnerships
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The Leading Real-time AI Solution for Newsrooms

Dataminr for News detects global events by processing billions of public data inputs per day in a wide range of formats and from over 200,000 distinct, publicly available data sources. These data inputs include text, images, video, and sound.

Our real-time alerting solution is a catalyst for newsroom workflows, designed to help journalists in their news gathering efforts by delivering the most relevant alerts in real time — allowing you to focus on verifying and telling compelling stories.

What You Can Do with Dataminr for News

Gain a Critical Time Advantage

Dataminr for News narrows the time gap between when events occur and when you discover them. Early alerts help you respond proactively to events that matter the most to your audience and can define the news cycle.


Obtain 360° Understanding of Events

Receive comprehensive alerts categorized by topics relevant to you. Enrich your story with view-from-the-ground alerting — and receive updates as events evolve and resolve.

Utilized by over 650 Global Newsrooms

Journalists around the world rely on Dataminr for News to discover breaking news and help inform their verification processes. Consuming alerts is easy — receive real-time alerts via web-based dashboard, email, mobile app, Slack, and TweetDeck. 

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