Real-time alerts for today’s newsrooms

Vetted by journalists, Dataminr for News is a trusted partner in the news gathering and verification process.

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Dataminr provides real-time alerts on unfolding incidents across the globe, keeping journalists in over 1,500 newsrooms ahead of fast-moving situations, so they can mobilize to source stories and report with speed and rich context.

Earlier line of sight into high-impact events and emerging risks

Gain the earliest indicators of high-impact events, breaking stories and pre-viral information

Mobilize and respond with speed and confidence

Mobilize and respond with speed and confidence

Cover the globe or specific locations

Tailor alerts based on location, content, prioritization, and more

Stay on top of industry and competitive developments

Easily integrate real-time alerts into your existing reporting workflows

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On-demand Webinar

Covering the Climate Crisis: A Real-time Emergency

Learn how the climate crisis is being covered in the news and how newsrooms are adapting to the demand for accurate climate-related information.

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Case Study

Deutsche Welle Uses Dataminr to Stay Competitive and Keep Pace With Evolving Media Industry

Discover how Deutsche Welle—a German public broadcaster with 200 social media channels and 4 TV channels—stays competitive in the complex media industry.

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Case Study

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Uses Dataminr to Tell Stories in Countries Without a Free Press

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) uses Dataminr across 27 countries to tell stories that would otherwise be left untold.

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