Twenty-First-Century Diplomacy

Strengthening US Diplomacy for the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow


This issue brief was first published by the Atlantic Council as part of a Dataminr-sponsored body of work on twenty-first-century diplomacy – available here


In 2022, the Snowcroft Center for Strategy and Security launched a project on twenty-first-century diplomacy to address how American diplomacy should adapt to meet twenty-first-century challenges.

Derived from that work, this Dataminr-supported white paper characterizes the changing nature of diplomacy and aims to help U.S. and allied diplomats practice statecraft more strategically and effectively.

It also explores the importance of technology, and how engaging with partners, institutions, countries and individuals plays a key role in strengthening U.S. diplomacy.  

Dataminr commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate current risk management priorities and practices, and how real-time information is utilized for decision-making in risk management and crisis response among leading enterprises. 

Read the study to learn:

  • The challenges around inflexible technologies and siloed risk management processes
  • The definition of “real-time information” 
  • How it facilitates quick, effective and proactive risk management

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