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The Role of Real-time Information in Wildfire Preparedness and Response

The Role of Real-time Information in Wildfire Preparedness and Response

Real-time, publicly available information is critical to federal, state, local and non-profit organizations’ emergency response plans, who depend on this data to collaborate, make critical decisions, and respond to fires quickly and effectively. 

Officials from Direct Relief and Metro Vancouver discuss:

  • How to utilize publicly available information to identify wildfire severity and conduct vulnerability assessments
  • How to develop emergency response plans that keep employees and communities safe
  • The importance of information symmetry between agencies during wildfire response


  • Andrew Schroeder, Vice President of Research and Analysis, Direct Relief
  • Brant Arnold-Smith, Program Manager, Security & Emergency Management, Metro Vancouver
  • Janie Gothernman, Senior Director, Public Sector Growth Marketing, Dataminr

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