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Municipality Response in a Time of Crisis

Community safety and infrastructure security is of the utmost importance to local governments. Whether it’s the smallest town or the largest city, multiple agencies may need to respond to public safety concerns—and quickly.

Departments like the mayor's office, first responders, departments of transportation, and school districts all have different safety concerns, so it is critical for them to get relevant, real-time alerts and collaborate on their response. 

Officials from the city of Charlotte, North Carolina and Dataminr discuss:
  • What types of real-time information and data sources are relevant to specific agencies during incident response
  • How municipal agencies streamline communication and share information to determine responsibilities during an emergency
  • What types of pre-planning exercises municipal agencies run to assist in event preparedness

The earlier we can get information, the quicker we can analyze it and start to come up with and implement a plan to take care of our citizens. And that's what it really comes down to."

Robert Graham, Division Chief, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management Office
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