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Leveraging Dataminr and Our Partner Ecosystem To Address Your Convergence Needs

Leveraging Dataminr and Our Partner Ecosystem To Address Your Convergence Needs

Dataminr is building a robust ecosystem of partnerships and integrations to help our customers deploy the most valuable and efficient solutions for their cyber-physical convergence needs. With these partnerships, our customers are improving awareness, mitigating risk and reducing the time to respond.  This conversation explores:

  • The partnerships we’ve established with your key solution providers
  • The key use cases and challenges these partnerships address
  • How Dataminr partnerships and integrations increase value for our customers

Our Speakers

  • Justin Tomas
    Director, Cyber Resilience and Business Continuity (CBCP, CISA), MorganFranklin
  • Sif Baksh
    Partner Solutions Architect, Swimlane
  • Mike Jones
    Senior Director of Product Management, Dataminr

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