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Empowering Your Business Partners Through Risk Mitigation

Empowering Your Business Partners Through Risk Mitigation

Aritizia and Dataminr discuss how to provide value across the organization from the heart of the security center—and how Aritzia has become more resilient as a result of its focus on collaboration and direct action, plus the ability to adapt quickly in the face of risk.

This conversation explores:

  • How to collaborate across internal and external teams, especially when a threat emerges
  • Why the timeliness of real-time information is so critical—and how it can help direct your response and reduce negative business impacts
  • Scenario planning and creating workflows for identified and unidentified risk 


  • Edmundo Velazquez, Senior Director, Retail Risk, ERM USA, Aritzia
  • Ed Oliver, Vice President, Customer Service, Dataminr
  • Sara Christine Chojnacki, Moderator, HelloSaraChristine

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