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Constant Disruption Is The New Status Quo

Constant Disruption Is The New Status Quo

In a recent study with Forrester, it was found that security leaders encounter significant organizational, strategic, and technological barriers on their way to implementing effective risk management strategies. It’s critical that organizations refine their ability to detect known and unknown risks, and decide which risks are worth taking themselves in pursuit of strategic goals and objectives. 

Listen as Forrester and Dataminr discuss the challenges that security leaders face when attempting to protect their organization, their employees, and the overall customer experience.

This conversation explores: 

  • Business resilience and understanding the various dynamics of risk
  • How most risk management strategies are built on an unfortified foundation
  • Prioritizing real-time alerting and cybersecurity in a converged environment


  • Alla Valente, Senior Analyst, Forrester
  • Chris Brozenick, Vice President, Product Marketing, Dataminr
  • Sarah Chojnacki, Principal and Founder, HelloSaraChristine

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