Dataminr’s new risk management capabilities enable chief security officers and their teams to manage risks and events more easily and effectively—without having to change existing processes or workflows.

This year, organizations of all kinds increased the amount of time and energy spent on strengthening their risk management processes, according to the survey report Executive Perspectives on Top Risk—underscoring the growing need for effective risk management tools. 

The best ones have one thing in common: high levels of customization. Customization gives security teams the flexibility and personalization required to manage risks the way they choose to, according to their unique needs and without having to change existing workflows or processes. 

Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security customers can attest to the benefits of such customization as they now have access to its recently-launched risk management capabilities.

Let’s take a look at how Pulse’s customization works through the lens of a security team responsible for managing the flash flooding that occurred in New York City this past September.

Simplify Risk Management With Customizable Security Workflows

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Download the Dataminr Risk Management Playbook for Flooding Events to learn how you can effectively plan for and respond to flood incidents. 

November 6, 2023
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