Dataminr Pulse With Risk Management

Dataminr Pulse With Risk Management

Pulse’s risk management module enables security teams to collaboratively plan for and manage risks and events from end-to-end in one place—giving them a holistic view of risk events, workflows, actions, analysis and reporting.

Personalize the risk management experience

Prepare for the unexpected

Plan collaboratively for all event types that could impact your business with playbooks and standard operating procedures prepared in advance. Personalize the risk management experience in the way that works the best for your business to ensure your team is focused on risk management instead of administrative tasks.

Share analysis and configurable assessments

Collaborate transparently across your organization

Share analysis and configurable assessments during and after an event, and understand how your team is doing with minute-by-minute activity logs. Manage tasks and communicate with your team from your mobile. See which events are most frequent—and which of your locations are most at risk—to manage resources efficiently.

Simplifying your risk management workflows and monitoring the status of projects

Get the full picture

Make your team more efficient by simplifying your risk management workflows and monitoring the status of projects from within a single view. View all activity, event details, tasks and alerts for a project in one unified view.

[Dataminr] tells you about things that are happening minutes—even hours—before they’re reported on television. You’d need to be glued to your phone on social media or elsewhere to get the data you need to make decisions. But with Dataminr, it’s real-time alerts.

Security and investigations customer

Dataminr gives us the ability to have eyes on all of our assets without having to look through millions of sources—it actually makes us seem bigger than we are. The greatest value the global security operations center (GSOC) provides is global awareness—and Dataminr is critical for establishing that for the league.

GSOC Director, The National Football League (NFL)

Dataminr sets the gold standard with their platform and sterling customer service.

Airline/Aviation Customer
Airbus logo
Equinor logo
The Home Depot

Explore Dataminr’s ecosystem

Pulse for Corporate Security

Dataminr’s AI platform

Corporate security teams can leverage Dataminr’s AI platform—consisting of wide ranging multimodal foundation models and LLMs (large language models) and predictive and generative AI capabilities—to identify and anticipate risks and critical events in real time.

Partner integrations

Partner integrations

Pulse integrations bring our leading real-time AI alerting into safety and security operations, critical event management, emergency and crisis management, and communications platforms—so organizations can deliver end-to-end monitoring, response, and analysis in a single pane of glass.

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