On Demand Webinar: Developing a Hurricane Preparedness Strategy Through Historic and Real-time Information

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The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season was the third most active on record—making it critical for federal, state and local agencies to work together to create a hurricane preparedness strategy that will ensure the security of their communities and critical infrastructure.

The best way to develop a preparedness plan is to analyze historic trends compared to real-time publicly available information(PAI)—including weather statements and sensor data—so that all members of the agency can act effectively as a storm progresses.

Join officials from Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Earth Networks and Dataminr as they discuss:

  • What historic trends to look for when preparing for a hurricane
  • How to utilize PAI as the storm reaches landfall
  • Response initiatives to keep employees and the community safe


  • Dataminr - Janie Gotherman, Sr Director of Public Sector Growth Marketing
  • Virginia Department of Emergency Management - Erin Sutton, Chief Deputy State Coordinator
  • Virginia Department of Emergency Management - Michelle Oblinsky, Deputy State Coordinator
  • Earth Networks - Mark Hoekzema - Chief Meteorologist, Director of Meteorological Operations

Watch the webinar