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Dataminr Pulse

Dataminr Pulse helps organizations strengthen business resilience with AI-powered, real-time risk and event discovery—and the integrated tools to manage responses. Planning for and responding to dynamic and unforeseen risks is radically improved, people are safer and business disruptions are minimized.

Dataminr launches Pulse for Cyber Risk, its AI-powered real-time risk and event detection capability for chief information security officers.
Learn how Pulse for Cyber Risk uses artificial intelligence to produce actionable intelligence for CISOs across the cyber, physical and digital domains.

Companies rely on Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security to protect their assets and workforce, no matter where they’re located.

Within a single end-to-end product, they can discover risks and high-impact events with real-time alerts—enabled by Dataminr’s world-leading AI platform—contextualize those alerts with geospatial data, collaborate on responses to incidents, and quickly notify and confirm the safety of affected employees.

Within a single end-to-end product, companies can discover risks via Dataminr’s AI-powered real-time alerts, contextualize those alerts with geospatial data, collaborate on responses to incidents and quickly notify employees and confirm their safety.

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With Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk, companies can strengthen resilience with real-time, actionable intelligence on cyber risk that encompasses cyber-physical convergence, vulnerability prioritization, external attack intelligence, and digital risk. 

Dataminr’s world-leading AI platform ensures companies know first and prevent missed threats as it performs trillions of daily computations across nearly one million unique data sources spanning the surface, deep and dark web, external network sensors and online code repositories.

Companies can strengthen resilience by learning about cyber risks first and preventing missed threats with real-time, actionable intelligence that encompasses cyber-physical convergence, vulnerability prioritization, external attack intelligence and digital risk.

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Discover and Respond to Threats Faster

Know first, know more and act quickly with real-time, actionable intelligence powered by Dataminr’s world-leading AI platform and the most comprehensive set of global data sources.


Dataminr’s multi-modal AI platform is unique in its ability to cross-correlate text in over 150 languages, image, video, sound and machine-generated sensor data—performing trillions of daily computations across nearly one million unique data sources spanning the surface, deep and dark web, external network sensors and online code repositories.



Do More With Dataminr Pulse


Evaluate and prioritize risk faster with the power of rich visual data and context across your locations, assets and all employees—in offices or traveling the globe.



Leverage native collaboration tools and integrations with partner applications to effectively manage incidents. 



Use two-way notification to notify and confirm the safety of employees of critical events in real time no matter where they are. 


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Learn how Dataminr Pulse delivers real-time alerts that enable businesses to stay ahead of risks and operate more resiliently.

From Dataminr customers

This product tells you about things that are happening minutes—even hours—before the local news stations report it on television. You'd need to be glued to your phone on social media or elsewhere to get the data you need to make decisions—but with Dataminr, it's real-time alerts.

- Security and Investigations Customer

Dataminr sets the gold standard with their platform and sterling customer service.

- Airlines/Aviation Customer

We noticed the gap in communication between our security operations center (SOC) and the affected employees. Dataminr gave us the ability to quickly share data and emergency information relevant to each location and need.

- Corporate Security Customer

Dataminr is an effortless system that gets you the information you need, instantly.

- Real Estate Customer

Dataminr gives us the ability to have eyes on all of our assets without having to look through millions of sources all the time—it actually makes us seem bigger than we are. The greatest value the global security operations center (GSOC) provides is global awareness—and Dataminr is critical for establishing that for the league.

- Global Security Operations Center Director,
The National Football League (NFL)

Dataminr alerts us ahead of anyone else to potential risks in our area. They are superstars of real-time alerting!

- Security Operations Center Supervisor,
Forum Entertainment
Explore Dataminr’s Ecosystem

Dataminr’s AI Platform

Dataminr’s real-time AI platform processes comprehensive, diverse public data sources at scale—using a range of advanced AI methods—to deliver the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks. 

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Dataminr Partner Program

Dataminr partners can leverage our real-time AI platform to expand the breadth of their product offerings, enter new industry verticals, market segments and geographies and accelerate business results. 


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