Pulse’s two-way notification capabilities and HR and travel integrations

Two-way Notification Tools, and HR and Travel Integrations

Within a single end-to-end product, companies can discover risks and high-impact events with real-time alerts—enabled by Dataminr’s world-leading AI platform—contextualize those alerts with geospatial data, collaborate on responses to incidents and quickly notify and confirm the safety of affected employees, no matter where they’re located.

Notify Employees of Threats

Dataminr’s AI platform delivers real-time, actionable intelligence allowing companies to notify employees and keep them safe as soon as an incident occurs.

Monitor Risk Exposure

Receive the first indications of unfolding events and understand their impact on employees through an intuitive map interface.

Integrate HR and Travel Data

Automatically sync employee work locations and travel destinations with integrations to HR and travel platforms.

Assess Traveler Safety

Reach out to traveling employees before, during or after an incident occurs. Fulfill duty of care obligations by ensuring traveler safety.

Initiate Crisis Response

Keep teams informed and operating from the same playbook during a crisis. Triage, escalate and mitigate risk all with one product.

Learn how Pulse’s two-way notification capabilities and HR and travel integrations help organizations better safeguard their employees before, during and after an incident—no matter where they are in the world.


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