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Dataminr’s AI platform

Harnessing the power of LLMs and multi-modal foundation models, Dataminr’s AI platform is at the forefront of AI innovation in predictive, generative and regenerative AI.

Trailblazing Gen AI Innovations

Dataminr’s Founder and CEO, Ted Bailey, gives a lightning talk on ReGenAI and the evolution of Dataminr’s AI Platform at the MIT and Forbes Imagination in Action AI Conference.

Dataminr in action

Case study: Baltimore bridge collapse

Dataminr in action

Case study: Iran’s military campaign launch against Israel

What our customers say

The indications and warnings created by Dataminr’s AI Platform are the gold standard for fast, accurate real-time information on breaking events. Defense organizations need to integrate [this kind of] advanced AI in order to protect their global forces and infrastructure.”

Leon Panetta,former Secretary of Defense

Dataminr, with its new ReGenAI, is an exceptional tool. By detecting incidents in real time, and empowering the ReGenAI to synthesize this information, Dataminr not only speeds up our identification of security risks but also enhances our ability to respond swiftly and effectively.”

Chief Threat and Risk Analyst,Danske Bank

[Dataminr’s] ReGenAI is monumental. If I miss an important alert or update to an alert, I don’t have to scour the mine of information to find it. What I need is just there for me, and it’s continuously updated in real time.”

Risk Manager,Primark

[Dataminr’s] ReGenAI comes in as a living document, and it updates itself. So we don’t have to hunt for new information to learn that the status of something relevant to us has changed. We can adjust quickly based on the regenerative capabilities that [Dataminr’s] AI provides.”

Jason Freeman, Corporate Vice President of Operations, Public Safety, Engineering & Maintenance,Six Flags

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