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Dataminr Pulse

Dataminr Pulse gives you the earliest indications of high-impact events—plus rich visual context and tools that help you collaborate and act faster—so you can better protect your people, brand and physical and digital assets.

Dataminr Pulse is now available in AWS Marketplace.
Discover how your business can streamline procurement and accelerate time to value.
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Learn how Dataminr Pulse delivers real-time alerts that enable businesses to stay ahead of risks and operate more resiliently.

Know First, Act Faster

Dataminr Pulse provides the fastest, most relevant alerts on emerging risks across the world. Our AI platform cross-correlates more than 500,000 public data sources—including first-hand accounts, audio transmissions, the deep and dark web and IoT sensors—to provide comprehensive, real-time event detection.
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Dataminr Pulse's real-time alert feed

Connect the Dots and Respond With Confidence

Visualize real-time information at the level and specificity needed to quickly contextualize, understand and respond to high-impact events as they unfold with Dataminr Pulse’s advanced geovisualization capabilities.
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Dataminr Pulse's geovisualization capabilities

Effectively Operationalize Real-time Information

Dataminr Pulse streamlines your team’s collaboration, response protocols and critical information flows—enabling real-time command and control as physical and cyber risks emerge and high-impact events unfold.
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Dataminr Pulse's collaboration workflow capabilities

Strengthen Business Resiliency With Pulse for Cyber Risk

Maintain Operational Continuity and Avoid Downtime

Dataminr's AI-powered Pulse for Cyber Risk provides businesses with the earliest detection of cyber threats—including ransomware attacks, corrupted industrial control systems, new vulnerabilities, data breaches and cyber-physical threats—as they emerge and evolve.

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Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk

Enterprise Ready at Any Scale

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The Value of Real-time Information

Dataminr Pulse enabled customers to mitigate operational and supply chain risks throughout the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption.

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Discover the Dataminr Pulse Advantage

This product tells you about things that are happening minutes—even hours—before the local news stations report it on television. You'd need to be glued to your phone on social media or elsewhere to get the data you need to make decisions—but with Dataminr, it's real-time alerts.

-Security and
Investigations Customer

Dataminr sets the gold standard with their platform and sterling customer service.

- Airlines/Aviation

We noticed the gap in communication between our security operations center (SOC) and the affected employees. Dataminr gave us the ability to quickly share data and emergency information relevant to each location and need.

- Corporate Security

Dataminr is an effortless system that gets you the information you need, instantly.

- Real Estate

Dataminr gives us the ability to have eyes on all of our assets without having to look through millions of sources all the time—it actually makes us seem bigger than we are. The greatest value the global security operations center (GSOC) provides is global awareness—and Dataminr is critical for establishing that for the league.

-Global Security
Operations Center Director,
The National
Football League (NFL)

Dataminr alerts us ahead of anyone else to potential risks in our area. They are superstars of real-time alerting!

Security Operations
Center Supervisor,
Forum Entertainment


Determine the ROI of Real-time Alerting

Forrester Consulting's Total Economic Impact of Dataminr study shows how actionable real-time information can save organizations time and money when mitigating fast-evolving risks—plus five key advantages of leveraging Dataminr Pulse.

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