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Dataminr Pulse leverages AI to give you the earliest indications of business-critical information about risks to your people, your brand, and physical and virtual assets – so you can respond with speed and confidence.

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Get Critical Information Faster
Close the gap between high-impact events and when you discover them.
Dataminr first detected the outbreak of COVID-19 within public social media posts at 9:11 a.m. EST on Dec 30, 2019, providing clients with the earliest warning in advance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcement 7 days later, and the World Health Organization’s announcement 10 days later.
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Respond with Speed and Confidence
Dataminr Pulse alerts serve as a catalyst in your risk workflows, and alert updates provide clarity as an event unfolds – so that you can respond more nimbly to crises in the new normal.
WeWork relies on Dataminr to receive real-time alerts about unexpected events, and to make decisions that help keep the company’s employees, customers, and assets safe. That was essential when an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale hit Mexico City. More than 40 buildings collapsed, killing more than 350 people in central Mexico and injuring 6,000 more.
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I really encourage all risk professionals: embrace technology. Get to know AI providers, because risk professionals out there, I'm telling you, it will revolutionize in a really great way how you can approach a crisis or an emergency.
Michael Gladstone, Director of Emergency Management and Planning
Cover the Globe or Your Backyard
Dataminr Pulse provides industry-leading global and hyperlocal coverage, drawing on more than 75,000 public data sources that, importantly, include people on the ground (aka chatter), niche local blogs, and more that’s translated from 100+ languages.
Customers rely on Dataminr Pulse's fast, accurate and relevant information when making decisions around COVID-19. Enterprises use Pulse's real-time alerts to stay up-to-date on international developments and regulatory decisions that could impact their businesses, regional coronavirus news that could impact company personnel, and more.
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First, let me say how absolutely invaluable Dataminr has been in helping me manage our people and response in light of COVID-19. With so many changes happening so quickly it is very difficult to keep track of it all. However, I discovered with Dataminr I was often several hours ahead of our personnel who live in those countries, in learning what new policies were about to take place so they could take appropriate measures. In fact, many of them joke that I’m clairvoyant.
Crisis Manager
A large global nonprofit
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Major crises have no respect for internal organizational boundaries

Forward-thinking companies know that risk management cannot be confined to a single department or performed on an ad hoc basis inside operational silos.

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Enterprise-ready at Any Scale

Asset details add useful context to each alert

Add your relevant enterprise data – like busy hours or contact information – to an asset location. This contextual data increases the speed with which you can assess the impact of an alert, especially when you are on the go.

Easily deploy and scale, no matter how many assets you need to protect

With the Hub for Dataminr Pulse you can quickly create and manage large groups of end users within a secure environment. The Hub also gives you an easy and flexible way to upload and manage as many locations as you need to safeguard.

Location groups let you organize assets in intuitive ways

Easily organize your locations into recognizable groups that correspond to how you manage your business. Automatically update groups by editing them in the Hub.

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