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Dataminr Pulse gives you the earliest indications of high-impact events, plus rich visual context and tools to help you collaborate and act faster—so you can better protect your people, your brand and your physical and virtual assets.

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Get Critical Information Faster
Close the gap between high-impact events and when you discover them.
Dataminr Pulse combines the industry's most extensive set of public data sources with AI innovation to deliver finer-tuned, more relevant real-time alerts via an intuitive interface that integrates easily into your security workflow.
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Connect the Dots and Respond with Confidence
Advanced geovisualization provides rich visual and geographic context about emerging risks as they unfold, while intuitive incident management helps your team collaborate and take action throughout high-impact events.
Visualize real-time information at the level and specificity needed to quickly understand, analyze and respond to high-impact events with speed and confidence.
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Cover the Globe or Your Backyard
Dataminr Pulse provides industry-leading global and hyperlocal coverage, drawing on more than 200,000 public data sources—like people on the ground (aka chatter), official sources and news media, the deep and dark web, and IoT sensors—to surface the most relevant alerts, translated from 100+ languages.
NFL Stadium
Learn how the National Football League (NFL) protects its 32 teams, 3,700 employees and innumerable facilities, stadiums and offices across the Americas, Asia and Europe by leveraging Dataminr Pulse to gain an early line of sight into potential risks.

Dataminr’s real-time alerts on emerging risks worldwide allow the NFL’s GSOC to see everything globally, which extends beyond what our resources could achieve.
Robert Gummer
Global Security Operations Center Director, NFL

AI Leadership

Dataminr Pulse leverages our industry-leading AI platform, which detects emerging events and critical information in real time from within billions of public data signals. Your team will gain the earliest visibility into critical incidents as they develop, allowing you to respond with speed and confidence.

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Check out what Dataminr customers have to say on G2

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“Imagine when this product tells you things that are happening minutes or even hours before the local news stations report it on television. You'd need to be glued to your phone on social media or elsewhere before you get the data you need, but with Dataminr — it's real-time alerts”

- Security and Investigations Customer

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"Dataminr sets the gold standard with their platform and sterling customer service"

- Airlines/Aviation Customer

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“We noticed the gap in communication between our SOC [security operations center] and the affected employees. Dataminr gave us the ability to quickly share data and emergency information relevant to each location and need.”

- Corporate Security Customer

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"Dataminr is an effortless system that gets you the information you need, instantly."

- Real Estate Customer

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Major crises have no respect for internal organizational boundaries

Forward-thinking companies know that risk management cannot be confined to a single department or performed on an ad hoc basis inside operational silos.

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Enterprise-ready at Any Scale

Asset details add useful context to each alert

Add your relevant enterprise data – like busy hours or contact information – to an asset location. This contextual data increases the speed with which you can assess the impact of an alert, especially when you are on the go.

Easily deploy and scale, no matter how many assets you need to protect

With the Hub for Dataminr Pulse you can quickly create and manage large groups of end users within a secure environment. The Hub also gives you an easy and flexible way to upload and manage as many locations as you need to safeguard.

Location groups let you organize assets in intuitive ways

Easily organize your locations into recognizable groups that correspond to how you manage your business. Automatically update groups by editing them in the Hub.

Accelerate Time to Value with Better Data and More Context

Dataminr Pulse is a force multiplier for all of the investments in your security workflow—maximizing the time and context you have to assess and respond proactively, whatever the scale or complexity of your organization.

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