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Real-time Response in School Safety Emergencies

From sporting events and visiting VIPs, to extreme weather and public safety threats, it is critical for schools to receive the earliest indication of breaking news so administrators can make critical decisions to keep their communities safe and informed. 

By leveraging technology, diverse public data sources and coordinating with neighboring institutions, government agencies and schools are able to respond with speed and confidence—whether their students and faculty are on campus or traveling the world.

During this webinar, Humber College, Baylor University and Dataminr discuss:
  • Why publicly available information is critical when responding to school emergencies
  • Which data sources to rely on and the value of information symmetry
  • How to develop an emergency response plan to keep students and faculty safe

[First Alert] allows us to make decisions faster."
Jared Bickenbach, Director, Global Safety and Security, Baylor University
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