Empower Your Business Partners Through Risk Mitigation

How foresight and collaboration can enable business resilience
Weds., Jan 25
11:00am ET / 4:00pm GMT

Aritzia and Dataminr discuss how to generate value across an organization from the security center—and Aritzia shares how they made their organization more resilient through collaboration, direct action and adapting quickly in the face of risk.

This webinar covers:

  • How to collaborate effectively with internal and external teams, especially when it comes to notifying other departments to emerging threats
  • How actioning real-time information quickly can help direct your business' response and reduce negative impact
  • How to scenario plan and create workflows for both identified and unidentified risk areas
Edmundo Velazquez
Senior Director,
Retail Risk,
ERM USA, Aritzia
Chief Executive
Ed Oliver
Vice President,
Customer Service,
Sara Christine Chojnacki,

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2023/01/25 11:00 AM EST

About this Webinar:

As a security leader, trusted collaboration with internal teams and external partners is a prerequisite to be able to respond effectively to an incident. The ability to disseminate information or an action plan that can keep people safe, make another team’s job easier, or provide key data for your executive team all demonstrate the security centers ability to be resilient amidst a crisis and even empower adjacent teams and leaders.

Join Dataminr and Aritzia as we discuss what it means to provide value across the organization from the heart of the security center. Aritzia will touch on how they have turned their organization towards resilience, as a result of their team's ability to collaborate, focus on direct action, and quickly adapt in the face of risk.