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Many companies were not prepared to support a large-scale shift to remote work at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to a steep and significant rise in cyber attacks, particularly ransomware, for organizations of all kinds, sizes and industries. 

Two years later, this remains true as businesses increase their growing dependency on digital tools and infrastructure. Dataminr Pulse detects and alerts customers to vulnerabilities—often before they’re exploited—enabling them to proactively mitigate risk (financial, reputational and operational) in the full context in which they emerge.


Illicit Credit And Debit Card Sales

Problem: The illicit sale of financial services products, such as credit and debit cards, suddenly become available on the deep and dark web.

Solution: Dataminr Pulse detects hundreds of unique instances where the stolen credit and debit cards are up for sale on deep and dark web marketplaces. It alerts customers to the scams; the alerts provide security teams at financial services providers with actionable intelligence needed to quickly notify customers and lock vulnerable accounts.


Ransomware Attack

Problem: A ransomware group hacks into the network of a large healthcare provider. It exfiltrates all of the provider’s data, including sensitive patient information, and encrypts its files. Soon after, the ransomware group demands the company pay $5 million to decrypt the encrypted systems.

Solution: Dataminr Pulse detects the first signals of the vulnerabilities more than three and a half hours before the hack becomes widely known. This enables the healthcare provider’s partners and suppliers to quickly mitigate risk and gives them a critical time advantage for developing their response.


Online Threats

Problem: In a little-known yet public chat room, there is a discussion between anonymous parties about a a bomb planted at the headquarters of a global streaming service.

Solution: Dataminr Pulse alerts the company to the discussion and its severity. The company’s security team immediately calls in a police K9 unit to sweep the building. No bomb is found, giving the company the confidence and knowledge it needs to welcome employees to work the next morning.

Learn more about Dataminr Pulse and why organizations like yours rely on it to detect the earliest indications of high-impact events, emerging risks and other business critical information so they can better protect their people, brand and physical and digital assets.

Risk in real time

Risk in real time

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April 4, 2022
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