Business resilience

Business continuity planning is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today. In the past year alone, organizations have dealt with an ongoing global pandemic, strained supply chains, increases in extreme weather and threats of cyber crimes that are growing in complexity. 

Access to Dataminr’s real-time information solution empowers teams to protect their people and critical assets—faster and more comprehensively—while maintaining business continuity. 


Problem: The southeast region of the U.S. is hit by a severe hurricane. With such storms, there is always a chance of cascading effects that can be difficult to stay abreast of. Organizations need to know about these potential disruptions as soon as possible to keep employees and customers safe and ensure business continuity.

Solution: Two hours prior to the hurricane reaching landfall, Dataminr Pulse alerts customers about potential flash floods in their area. Pulse’s ability to provide customers with geo-location alerts enables them to view data at the hyperlocal level. As a result, customers are able to prioritize risk by area.


Problem: A shooting occurs at a hotel that is in close proximity to a store of a multinational retailer. The store’s employees often eat lunch at the hotel’s restaurant.

Solution: The retailer’s security director gets a Dataminr Pulse alert about a hotel shooting in progress and quickly informs the store’s facility manager, who has no knowledge of the potential risk. They immediately put their incident response plan into place to ensure the safety of the store employees and customers.


Problem: When news of a power plant explosion breaks, affected organizations struggle to make sense of what is happening and the potential impact on their employees, physical locations and business operations.

Solution: Dataminr Pulse surfaces and translates local chatter in real time, which allows it to alert customers to the potential danger two hours ahead of initial, major news coverage. Customers continue to receive updates as the incident occurs and unfolds, including the possibility of another explosion and information on the explosion’s impact, extinguishment and cause.

Learn more about Dataminr Pulse and why organizations like yours rely on it to detect the earliest indications of high-impact events, emerging risks and other business critical information so they can better protect their people, brand and physical and digital assets.

Risk in real time

Risk in real time

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March 4, 2022
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