On-Demand Webinar: Preparing for the Next Natural Disaster

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Extreme weather and natural disasters are always a concern, and in today’s world, these disruptors are occurring with greater severity and frequency than ever before. When a disaster occurs, it creates an outward ripple effect that significantly impacts numerous stakeholders. Though these forces are oftentimes unpreventable, organizations can minimize damages and casualties when prepared. It is critical for organizations to maintain proper functioning even in the face of disastrous events and essential that they use every available technology to do so.

Hear from our panel of experts as they discuss the importance of emergency preparedness throughout the public and private sectors when it comes to natural disasters. Learn about:

  • Utilizing real-time data to enhance emergency preparation and response
  • Creating a cross-organizational strategy to accelerate coordination, allocate resources, and streamline data-sharing before disaster strikes
  • Lessons learned from recent natural disasters
  • How technology can transform disparate points of public data into relevant and actionable alerts

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