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Cyber-Physical Converged Threats and Trends in the Energy Industry

Cyber-Physical Converged Threats and Trends in the Energy Industry

Learn about converged cyber-physical security strategies that energy organizations can leverage to reduce risk and increase business resiliency.

This conversation covers:

  • How to identify high-impact cyber and physical threats—wherever they emerge
  • How organizations can become more resilient and leaders can mitigate risk more effectively
  • Relatable stories and actionable insights


  • Martin Strasburger, VP, CISO, Duke Energy Corporation
  • Elizabeth Hackenson, CIO & SVP, Schneider Electric
  • Sebastien Lehnherr, CIO, Schlumberger
  • Dave DeWalt, Founder & Managing Director, NightDragon
  • Ted Bailey, Founder and CEO, Dataminr

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