Business resilience

We’re a few years out from the COVID-19 pandemic, yet still learning from the companies that managed to pivot and thrive during that time. How did they create business value amid a global crisis? What made them so resilient?

To uncover the strategies these resilient organizations employed, where they see risk and opportunity and how prepared they are for future change, Dataminr commissioned Economist Impact to survey 600 global business leaders across six key industries: energy and utilities, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and technology.

Below is a snapshot of the results for five of the six industries surveyed.

Being a resilient organization means more than surviving a crisis or major disruption; it requires the ability to grow and innovate during such times. The business leaders surveyed understand what true resilience calls for and, as illustrated above, are prioritizing the strategies and actions needed to meet their industry challenges head on—from how to harness the promise of AI to protecting digital assets. 

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Download the full Economist report: Building Business Value: Resilience in a Rapidly Global Environment

January 10, 2024

Dataminr Pulse

Organizations strengthen business resilience with real-time risk and event discovery and the integrated tools to manage responses—powered by predictive and generative AI.

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