Security Operations

Analysts working inside the security operations center (SOC) at one of the world’s largest automakers use real-time information from Dataminr Pulse to get an early view into emerging security risks that have the potential to impact the company’s business operations.

“My team has been utilizing the Dataminr platform for over a year now,” said the Lead Intelligence Analyst and Operations Manager at the automaker’s security operations center.

“Not only does it assist us with day-to-day operations, such as monitoring our facilities, executive travel and minimizing intellectual property leaks, but it also has provided timely emergency alerts and COVID-19 statistics during the ongoing pandemic.”

The automaker uses real-time information from Dataminr Pulse to support four internal use cases:

Intellectual Property

SOC analysts use Dataminr Pulse to follow keywords related to upcoming releases, photoshoot locations, spy photography and cargo travel

Executive Protection

SOC analysts add executive travel itineraries to Dataminr Pulse, giving them visibility into emerging risks happening near accommodations, meeting locations and travel routes, as well as keywords related to the individual and their travel plans

Facility Support

The SOC uses Dataminr Pulse to get an early look at emerging risks happening near the company’s offices, production facilities and other physical locations

Security Department

SOC analysts use real-time information from Dataminr Pulse to build threat assessments and intelligence products related to emerging and ongoing risks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic

Dataminr Pulse in Action

Dec. 1, 2020: Active shooter
Dataminr Pulse alerted the automaker’s SOC to a police chase that was within range of the automaker’s facilities and employees. After further research, analysts found the chase was related to an active shooter near the automaker’s facilities. The SOC issued an internal advisory to key stakeholders inside the company for visibility, and continued to update the group throughout the situation. Dataminr Pulse highlighted this potential risk more than an hour before it was covered by local news media.

Dataminr Pulse is a crucial tool inside hundreds of the world’s leading security operations centers. Learn more at

Risk in real time

Risk in real time

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June 9, 2021
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