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About Deutsche Börse

  • International exchange organization and market infrastructure provider
  • Headquartered in Frankfurt/Rhine-Main, Germany
  • 10,000+ employees
  • Approximately 60 locations worldwide
  • Business areas cover the entire financial market transaction process chain

Deutsche Börse is an international exchange organization and market infrastructure provider, headquartered in Frankfurt/Rhine-Main, Germany. In light of the many challenges that global companies—including Deutsche Börse—are facing, such as geopolitical instability, cyberattacks and corporate travel protection, the company aimed to augment its physical security operations with a real-time alerting tool to help protect its 10,000+ employees and assets worldwide. 

Since 2018, Deutsche Börse has relied on Dataminr Pulse and recognized it to be a critical capability for its physical security operation. Dataminr Pulse is used primarily by the Deutsche Börse’s threat intelligence team and David Krueger, Head of Physical Security.

We talked with Krueger to discuss how Dataminr Pulse has become a “game changer” for him and his Physical Security team.

No. 1. Improve security operation’s capacity

For Krueger’s team of 15 people, maintaining real-time situational awareness of approximately 60 locations worldwide is a challenging task. Prior to using Dataminr Pulse, Krueger described his team’s operations as time- and resource-intensive, including manually scanning news outlets and social media to discover potential threats. This resulted in delayed response time.

Through Dataminr Pulse’s real-time alerts, the security team is informed of emerging risks and events often within seconds or minutes of an occurrence and is able to significantly reduce their response time. The alerts are generated from hundreds of thousands of public information sources, including social media platforms, blogs, IoT sensor data, audio transmissions, the deep and dark web and more.

“Before Dataminr, we had to pull information, contextualize it, then put it into actionable intelligence. In doing so, we had an incident response delay of 30 to 60 minutes, ” said Krueger. “With Dataminr, we have now significantly reduced our response time.”

No. 2. Stay ahead of high-impact global events

Deutsche Börse’s global presence means it needs to monitor global events and their impact on the company. For example, geopolitical instability recently became a top concern.  As such, Krueger and his team need to have the right resources and technology to enable them to identify potential threats and crises as soon as they occur and unfold—to quickly and effectively safeguard employees and assets.

In the past three years, the world witnessed high-risk events such as the Hong Kong political crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Informed by Dataminr Pulse’s real-time data, Deutsche Börse’s security team was able to maintain close oversight of its employees in the impacted regions and provide them with critical guidance. 

“During the political crisis in Hong Kong, because we provided real-time information to our staff, they were able to avoid the impacted areas both during and outside of work,” said Krueger. “The alerts definitely helped us prevent incidents that could have impacted our staff.”

By using Pulse’s real-time alerts, the security team can keep track of incidents or emerging risks that affect other organizations operating in the same market. This enables them to take proactive action to mitigate risks.

“When there are security incidents affecting other organizations, we can immediately investigate and determine if they could affect us and inform other internal stakeholders,” said Krueger.

Risk in real time

Risk in real time

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No. 3. Increase credibility and contribution in decision making

Gaining senior leadership’s trust and building credibility are particularly important to security operations. It empowers corporate security and risk teams to make swift decisions and be more decisive in their response plans. 

By leveraging Dataminr Pulse’s real-time alerts and geovisualization capabilities, Krueger’s team has shown senior management that it can identify and respond effectively and quickly to incidents. Its adoption of Dataminr tools also demonstrates the tech-based approach of Deutsche Börse’s security operation toward digital transformation, which directly aligns with the overall strategy of the company. 

“Our analytical approach and actionable intelligence are important parts of our work. We have therefore become more involved in the decision-planning and -making process with company executives,” said Krueger. “During the start of the Ukraine-Russia conflict this year, we provided strategic insights, enabling the business to adopt contingency measures early, such as planning for additional staff and for potential business disruptions or impacts.”

No. 4. Strengthen cross-functional collaboration and support

With access to Pulse’s real-time information, Krueger and his team members are able to provide cross-functional support to their colleagues, including those in cybersecurity, brand and reputation and compliance.

“What is good about Dataminr is that we can transform a small team into an intelligence powerhouse,” said Krueger. 

“What we want to establish is a one-stop shop for intelligence. We aim to have a core team, which can pull in the information and provide all the different stakeholders with actionable intelligence.”

Below are a few examples of how his team uses Dataminr Pulse to collaborate with other departments: 

  • Event security. The team uses Dataminr Pulse’s geovisualization capabilities, specifically geofencing tools, to assess an area in which the company has picked a location for an event. Krueger and his team members can then study recent incidents that occured at and/or in the proximity of the location and give judgment on whether it is a safe neighborhood.

    “Our Physical Security team is always in dialogue with our stakeholders. If, for example, a location is selected for an event, we advise our events team whether the location has recently been exposed to threats and if it is necessary to relocate the event,” said Krueger.
  • Cybersecurity. To help prevent cyber attacks, the team gets alerted on any negative social media posts about Deutsche Börse and/or its executives that could trigger a cyber attack.

    “In time of sanctions, the risk of cyber attacks is increasing. That’s why it’s important for us to keep an eye on social channels so that we can take preventative action,” said Krueger.

As Deutsche Börse continues to expand its business, it’s necessary that Krueger and his team maintain complete visibility of the company’s growing workforce and assets, as well as any high-risk events—such as geopolitical instability, ransomware attacks and extreme weather. The security team can successfully do so with Dataminr Pulse’s real-time information and geovisualization capabilities and prove itself a reliable, trusted partner with senior leadership and throughout the organization.

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October 19, 2022
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