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A global bank—which boasts tens of thousands of employees in offices across five continents—turned to Dataminr when it realized it needed to expand the capabilities of its global security operations center (SOC).

Soon after implementing Dataminr Pulse, Dataminr’s real-time alerting solution, the bank quickly recognized the business benefits of Pulse’s real-time information and its geovisualization capabilities, such as more efficient workflows and greater visibility into a wider range of threats and events that could potentially affect the bank’s people, assets and operations.

Let’s look at how and why Dataminr Pulse is now such a critical tool for the bank.

The need for automated risk discovery

Prior to Dataminr Pulse, the bank’s SOC operators had to rely on manual searches to identify potential risks. It was very labor-intensive and highlighted the need for a more automated process.

In 2021, the bank experienced a loss of nearly $13 million in physical assets due to a series of high-risk events that occurred near its headquarters. It noted that, had it been a Dataminr customer at that time, its SOC could have prevented a large portion of that loss.

Today, the team uses Dataminr Pulse’s real-time alerts to automate its detection of potential threats and disruptions as they emerge, often within seconds or minutes of an occurrence. The result is a wider, more comprehensive view of risks at the global, regional and local level.

And, as the alerts are tailored to the needs of the bank, the SOC only receives the information most relevant to the organization. Being able to integrate Pulse into its workflows has given the SOC “massive peace of mind.”

Life-saving real-time information

In late 2021, multiple explosions rocked Kampala, Uganda. Dataminr Pulse alerted the bank to the explosions—30 minutes before major news coverage—some of which were close to where bank employees worked. Because the security team received the alerts in real time, it was able to quickly and safely evacuate nearby employees from the affected areas, and more easily account for all staff members.

Pulse also alerted on the progression of events that followed the two bombings, allowing both the SOC and field security managers to maintain real-time visibility of what was happening on the ground and where. They were then able to ensure employees remained safe and swiftly mitigate any risks to customers and locations.

Life-saving real-time information

Geovisualization for faster decision making

Since using Dataminr Pulse’s geovisualization capabilities, the bank has been able to significantly cut down its response time, locate assets and conduct proximity measurements faster and make decisions much more quickly.

One of the areas where geovisualization has made a critical difference is in helping the bank stay ahead of extreme weather. As the bank operates in areas with frequent and severe weather disruptions, its SOC needs to be able to follow the trajectory of storms and know where its people and assets are in relation to weather risks.

With Dataminr Pulse, the bank is now better able to identify and prepare for threats and emerging risks; maintain visibility of events as they occur and unfold; and protect employees and assets no matter where they are—all in real time.

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June 30, 2022
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