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Pulse for Cyber Risk Empowers You to Protect Your Systems, Assets and Data

Leverage Dataminr Pulse’s industry-leading AI to gain full-spectrum visibility across the cyber threat landscape—generated from over 500,000 public data sources including the deep and dark web—and effectively allocate the time and resources needed to safeguard your systems, people, assets and data.


Detect and Gain Insight Into Critical Vulnerabilities

Dataminr Pulse surfaced some of the earliest alerts on the exploitation of a critical vulnerability within Apache Log4j—a store of Java-based information used to help applications run smoothly—and continues to provide businesses with critical real-time alerts on the vulnerability and its vast impact. By cross-correlating data across disparate sources, Pulse for Cyber Risk empowers threat analysts to understand their attack surface, proactively mitigate risk and secure their organizations.

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Apache Log4j vulnerability Apache Log4j vulnerability
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