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Based on scanner audio, Dataminr Pulse alerted the security team at a major retailer about a possible attempted burglary.

Store alarms had failed to trigger, but once prompted by the Pulse alert, security personnel took immediate action. 

Pulse’s real-time alert enabled the security team to secure the store, and allowed the store to open without interruption.

Comprehensive Event Detection

Continuous event detection innovation ensures you receive alerts specific to the security needs of your people, locations, facilities, and other high-value assets.

  • More than 150,000 public data sources give you unmatched breadth of coverage.
  • Thousands of new hyperlocal public data sources provide granular coverage at the local level, giving your security team deeper insight for each of your locations.
  • Twice the number of topics for physical asset security gives you more control over the alerts you receive.
  • Cross-correlation of data formats spanning text, image, video, sound, and machine-generated sensor data ensure the alerts you receive are unique, actionable and often not available elsewhere.
  • Advanced routing ensures the right person receives the right alert.

Assets Integrated Into Your Workflow

Connect the dots faster to improve your ability to associate relevant alerts with your assets—and more efficiently see, understand, prioritize, and manage real-time information.

Dataminr Pulse provides a flexible interface that’s easy to adapt to your organization’s workflow, making it simpler for your team to tailor their real-time alert streams by topic, geography, and criticality level—whether you’re building out your security operations or optimizing and future-proofing your existing security operations center (SOC). 


Lists provide you personalized views of real-time alerts about threats to your people and assets


Greater information density makes it easier to scan more real-time information


First-party asset metadata makes your alerts more actionable


Easier Asset Management at Enterprise Scale

Now, it’s even easier to securely manage and scale your organization’s locations and location groups. New features make it simpler to upload, set-up and create parameters for your assets within the Hub for Dataminr Pulse. 

  • User and location group management
  • Permissions management to securely manage access to asset information
  • Inclusion of first-party asset metadata
  • Smart radius for assets—based on geography, density, and 10-plus years of historical data analysis
  • Single sign-on


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