Dataminr Pulse for Businesses

Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk

Strengthen resilience across four key use cases with a real-time, external cyber event, risk, and threat detection solution: digital risk, third-party risk, vulnerability intelligence, and cyber-physical risk.

Digital Risk

Respond quickly to early warning of risks to your organization’s digital assets with visibility into threats that impact your organization.

Third-party Risk

Vulnerability Intelligence

Cyber-physical Risks

What our customers say

Dataminr’s real-time alerts have helped decrease our incident response time by nearly 70%. Our analysts are trained to monitor Dataminr real-time alert feeds for any risks with potential impact to Sierra Nevada Corporation or any of our clients.”

Director of Security and Safety Data Integration Strategies,Sierra Nevada Company

Dataminr regularly beats out other vendors when alerting us to breaking news with their customizable features. It also provides our cyber threat intelligence program with timely and relevant alerts that assist our analysts with actioning defensive measures against cyber threats.”

Cyber Threat Hunt Specialist,Information Security and Technology

Dataminr was able to spot one of our key suppliers being named as a victim of ransomware before any other source. This allowed us to put protections in place to reduce our potential exposure.”

Cyber Threat Hunt Specialist,Information Security and Technology

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