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Discover and Respond to Threats to Your Assets and Employees Faster

real-time alert from Dataminr Pulse that impacts a business's physical asset security




Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security detected some of the earliest signals on a string of smash and grab robberies across California.

Pulse for Corporate Security customers quickly restricted access to their stores and were able to maintain situational awareness.

Real-time alerts generated from more than 500,000 public data sources enabled global security teams to keep regional and store staff safe and informed.

Comprehensive Event Detection

The earliest detection of emerging events enables proactive risk mitigation, helping you to avoid costly—and potentially dangerous—impacts to your employees, and physical and digital assets.

  • More than 500,000 global public data sources give you unmatched coverage
  • Cross-correlating data in different formats—including text, image, video, sound and sensor data—ensures the alerts you receive are fast, unique and actionable
  • Thousands of hyperlocal public data sources provide granular coverage, while translations from over 100 languages provide the most comprehensive view of the global risk landscape
  • Extensive, specific topic lists enable you to personalize your alert streams based on what’s most relevant to your assets
  • Geovisualization adds rich visual context that demonstrates how an incident could impact your employees, assets and the surrounding area
  • Intuitive collaboration and workflow tools make it simple to manage your response
  • Two-way notification and HR and travel integrations enable you to notify your employees of risks and confirm their safety in real time—no matter where they are in the world

Integrated Into Your Workflow

Better understand the relationship between relevant alerts and your employees and assets so you can take action quickly—and more efficiently see, understand, prioritize and manage real-time information.

Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security provides a flexible interface that’s easy to adapt to your organization’s workflow, making it simpler for your team to tailor their real-time alert streams by topic, geography and criticality level—whether you’re building out your security operations or optimizing and future-proofing your existing security operations center (SOC). 

Dataminr Pulse's real-time alert feed

Lists provide you personalized views of real-time alerts about threats to your people and assets


Greater information density makes it easier to scan more real-time information


First-party asset metadata makes your alerts more actionable


Asset Management at Enterprise Scale

With Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security’s physical safety and security capabilities, it’s easy to securely create, upload and manage your organization’s locations and location groups within the Hub for Dataminr Pulse.

  • HR and travel platform integrations
  • User and location group management
  • Permissions management to securely manage access to asset information
  • Inclusion of first-party asset metadata
  • Smart radius for assets—based on geography, density, and 10-plus years of historical data analysis
  • Single sign-on


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