Dataminr, one of the world’s leading AI companies, today announced the launch of powerful new tools in its Pulse for Corporate Security product—relied on by more than two-thirds of the Fortune 50 and half of the Fortune 100. Within a single unified product, physical security teams can discover risks and high-impact events in real time leveraging Dataminr’s world-leading AI platform, contextualize alerts in a geovisualization view, collaborate on a response, and now quickly notify and confirm the safety of employees. In addition, Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security now seamlessly integrates into human resource and employee travel data platforms to dynamically detect when employees are in proximity to real-time events that could pose a risk to their safety. 

“Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security enables organizations to strengthen business resilience in a rapidly evolving risk landscape,” said Jason Edelboim, President and COO of Dataminr. “With distributed workforces across in-office, work-from-home, and hybrid environments, as well as renewed business travel, it is harder than ever for corporate security teams to protect their business, assets and people. With the introduction of two-way notification tools and HR and travel integrations, planning for and responding to dynamic and unforeseen risks is radically improved, people are safer and business disruptions are minimized.”

With Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security’s new end-to-end product, enterprise security teams can more effectively monitor their risk exposure, initiate crisis response, assess traveler safety and notify employees of active threats. The newly available tools in Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security enable security teams to: 

  • Rapidly discover and prioritize risks by employee location through highly relevant alerts and geovisualization tools.
  • Dynamically add and manage employee locations with integrations to HR and travel platforms—synchronizing work locations and travel destinations.
  • Collaborate across teams on actions and notification plans using integrated incident management tools.
  • Act quickly and create targeted employee notifications directly from alerts.
  • Operate with speed and efficiency using customizable message templates.
  • Notify and confirm the safety of employees through multiple modes including text, e-mail and voice.
  • Poll employees and receive responses to assess impact and personal safety.
  • Track resolution with dashboards that include impacted employees, delivery and response rates.

Learn more about Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security.


Dataminr delivers the earliest warnings on high-impact events and critical information far in advance of other sources. Recognized as one of the world’s leading AI businesses, Dataminr enables faster response, more effective risk mitigation and stronger crisis management for public and private sector organizations spanning global corporations, first responders, NGOs and newsrooms. Most recently valued at $4.1B, Dataminr is one of New York’s top private technology companies, with 800+ employees across seven global offices.

Since its founding, Dataminr has created the world’s leading real-time information discovery platform, which detects digital patterns of emerging events and critical information from public data signals. Today, Dataminr’s advanced AI platform performs trillions of daily computations across billions of public data inputs from over 500,000 unique public data sources. The company has been recognized for its groundbreaking AI platform and rapid revenue growth by Forbes AI 50 and Deloitte Fast 500, and has been named to Forbes Cloud 100 for six consecutive years.

Alongside Dataminr’s corporate product, Dataminr Pulse, the company provides public sector organizations with its First Alert product for first response, including the United Nations, which relies on First Alert in over 100 countries. Dataminr for News is used by more than 650 newsrooms and over 30,000 journalists worldwide.

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April 5, 2023
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