Dataminr, the leading real-time information discovery platform, today announced the launch of its Crisis Response program—a key component of the company’s social good efforts. The program will provide free, limited-term licenses and training for qualified nonprofits of all sizes to help address their need for real-time information during and in the immediate aftermath of major emergencies.

“Historically, local nonprofits on the ground have carried much of the risk during humanitarian crises, while having limited access to critical tools and resources,” said Jessie End, VP of Social Good at Dataminr. “By providing more equitable access to crucial information when it matters most, our Crisis Response program joins a growing movement taking shape in humanitarian response towards more inclusive, locally-led efforts. It is the natural evolution of Dataminr’s long-held dedication to positive social impact.”

Participating nonprofits will gain access to First Alert, Dataminr’s product for the public sector, which delivers real-time breaking news alerts for first response. Existing partners, including the United Nations and Direct Relief, use First Alert to discover and respond to real-time crisis events as they occur and unfold over minutes, hours and days.

“Dataminr provided us with critical information and support during our evacuation operations in Afghanistan and later, our medical relief operations in Ukraine,” said Andrew Schroeder, Vice President of Research & Analysis at Direct Relief, a non-profit specializing in medical and natural disaster emergency services. “Given that we do most of our work through local partners, the Crisis Response program is a game changer. It will allow us to coordinate more effectively, respond more quickly, and ultimately save more lives.”

Dataminr’s numerous employee volunteers will help its Crisis Response program support a large number of organizations, including those often under-resourced. The Crisis Response program will offer training and support to participating nonprofits for up to eight weeks. Organizations must be registered nonprofits and actively responding to a crisis in order to qualify. 

Learn more about Dataminr’s Crisis Response program and how to apply. 


Dataminr delivers the earliest warnings on high-impact events and critical information far in advance of other sources. Recognized as one of the world’s leading AI businesses, Dataminr enables faster response, more effective risk mitigation and stronger crisis management for public and private sector organizations spanning global corporations, first responders, NGOs, and newsrooms. Recently valued at $4.1B, Dataminr is one of New York’s top private technology companies, with 900+ employees across eight global offices.

Since its founding in 2009, Dataminr has created the world’s leading real-time information discovery platform, which detects digital patterns of emerging events and critical information from public data signals. Today, Dataminr’s leading AI platform performs trillions of daily computations across billions of public data inputs from over 300,000 unique public data sources. The company has been recognized for its groundbreaking AI platform and rapid revenue growth by Forbes AI 50 and Deloitte Fast 500, and has been named to Forbes Cloud 100 for six consecutive years.

Alongside Dataminr’s corporate product, Dataminr Pulse, the company provides public sector organizations with its First Alert product for first response, including the United Nations, which relies on First Alert in over 100 countries. Dataminr for News is used by more than 650 newsrooms and by over 30,000 journalists worldwide.

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October 26, 2022
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