Dataminr, one of the world’s leading AI businesses, today announced the launch of the Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition at the upcoming RSA Conference. This new strategic partnership among leading cybersecurity organizations will address the growing challenges corporations face at the intersection of cyber and physical security.

“In today’s world, enterprises are challenged with an exponentially increasing threat landscape that has blurred the lines between cyber and physical risk,” said Ted Bailey, Founder and CEO of Dataminr. “Both the chief information security officer (CISO) and chief security officer (CSO) now face a growing number of cyber-physical threats—ranging from physical threats to IT/OT/IOT infrastructure and disruptions caused by geopolitical instability to cyber attacks with physical world consequences. This new coalition of leading cyber technology companies enables corporations to respond to incidents faster and bolster enterprise resilience.”

“Cyber-physical convergence is an existential threat that is only accelerating,” said Dave DeWalt, Chair of Dataminr’s Corporate Advisory Board. “Events in the cyber world are now traversing to the physical world (and vice versa) at an alarming rate, which can lead to serious ramifications. The Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition will speed time and increase accuracy for response to cyber-physical threats by equipping security leaders with the transformative potential of AI to navigate the converged risk landscape.”

The Dataminr Cyber-Physical A2I Partner Coalition shares a commitment to developing and sharing best practices that enable companies to leverage advances in artificial intelligence to accelerate their readiness to face converged cyber-physical threats. Through development of new joint solutions and product integrations, the consortium of partners will enable CISOs and CSOs to most effectively plan for, discover and respond to converged cyber-physical threats in real time. Launch partners include Claroty, Mandiant, NightDragon, Optiv and ServiceNow. In the coming months, this coalition will expand to include additional leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

“We continue to see the convergence of cyber and physical threats, and the severe and immediate impact these threats have on companies and governments,” said Marshall Heilman, Global Chief Technology Officer, Mandiant. “As a mission focused company, we have always been willing to collaborate with alliance partners, like Dataminr, on joint solutions to better protect our customers. I am confident in our ability to improve resilience from, and reduce the risk of, cyber-physical attacks as we build future solutions that combine Mandiant’s Incident Response services and Cyber Threat Intelligence with Dataminr and the rest of the coalition’s capabilities.”

“At Optiv, we offer solutions that bolster the enterprise resilience of the corporations we work with by partnering with technology innovators,” said Rocky DeStefano, CTO of Optiv. “We are thrilled to be a part of this coalition to develop new solutions for cyber-physical resilience that enable the CISO and CSO to collaborate and leverage best-in-class AI capabilities to navigate today’s ever-changing risk landscape.”

“With Claroty’s focus on securing the cyber-physical systems across the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT)—from industrial control systems, to medical devices, to building management systems, and more—joining this coalition is a natural fit for us,” said Yaniv Vardi, CEO of Claroty. “We look forward to developing solutions that combine Dataminr’s AI capabilities with our unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection for the XIoT to help organizations achieve cyber and operational resilience.”

“The ServiceNow platform is a powerful ally in managing the growing risk of cyber-physical attacks for enterprises,” said Lou Fiorello, VP & GM of Security Products at ServiceNow. “The Now Platform’s power lies in the ability to unify the actionable intelligence from Dataminr with processes and people into operational workflows—to not only respond to cyber-physical threats, but also proactively mitigate them and secure critical assets to ensure business continuity for our customers.”

The announcement of this new coalition of leading technology companies accompanies this week’s official launch of Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk. Over 1,500 corporate and government organizations rely on Dataminr’s AI platform to strengthen enterprise resilience with real-time, actionable intelligence on external threats and risks to their business. Dataminr’s pioneering multimodal fusion AI platform detects real-time events and critical information within nearly one million public data sources with unparalleled speed, scope, relevance and accuracy.

With the launch of Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk, Dataminr is now delivering real time actionable intelligence that encompasses cyber-physical convergence, vulnerability prioritization, external attack intelligence, and digital risk. Dataminr Pulse—now spanning both corporate security and cyber risk—provides a first-of-its kind cross-domain platform that enables CISOs and CSOs to maintain a common operating picture on the physical, cyber and digital domains and respond faster and more effectively to converged threats.


Dataminr delivers the earliest warnings on high impact events and critical information far in advance of other sources. Recognized as one of the world’s leading AI businesses, Dataminr enables faster response, more effective risk mitigation and stronger crisis management for public and private sector organizations spanning global corporations, first responders, NGOs, and newsrooms. Most recently valued at $4.1B, Dataminr is one of New York’s top private technology companies, with approximately 800 employees across seven global offices.

Since its founding, Dataminr has created the world’s leading real-time information discovery platform, which detects digital patterns of emerging events and critical information from public data signals. Today, Dataminr’s advanced AI platform performs trillions of daily computations across billions of public data inputs from nearly one million public data sources. The company has been recognized for its groundbreaking AI platform and rapid revenue growth by Forbes AI 50 and Deloitte Fast 500, and has been named to the Forbes Cloud 100 for six consecutive years.

Alongside Dataminr’s corporate product, Dataminr Pulse, the company provides its First Alert product for first response to public sector organizations, including the United Nations, which relies on First Alert in over 100 countries. Dataminr for News is used by more than 650 newsrooms and over 30,000 journalists worldwide.

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April 20, 2023
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