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Unlock the Power of Dataminr
Pulse—Available in AWS Marketplace

Dataminr Pulse, powered by AWS and available in AWS Marketplace, gives you the earliest indications of high-impact events—plus rich visual context and tools that help you collaborate and act faster—so you can better protect your people, brand and physical and digital assets.

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Accelerate Time to Value With Dataminr Pulse,
Built on AWS

Dataminr Pulse enables organizations to mitigate risk via highly contextualized and actionable real-time alerts derived from hundreds of thousands of global public data sources—including first-hand accounts, audio transmissions, the deep and dark web and IoT sensors—to provide comprehensive, real-time event detection.

When procured through AWS Marketplace, Pulse enables businesses to minimize administrative barriers, including complicated procurement, spending and billing processes, and unlock the power of real-time information more quickly.

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Know First, Act Faster

Dataminr Pulse—now available in AWS Marketplace—delivers the fastest, most relevant alerts on emerging risks around the world. Our AI platform cross-correlates hundreds of thousands of public data sources to provide comprehensive, real-time event and risk detection.
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Connect the Dots and Respond With Confidence

Dataminr Pulse—powered by AWS—enables organizations to visualize real-time information at the level and specificity needed to quickly contextualize, understand and respond to high-impact events as they occur and unfold.
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Effectively Operationalize Real-time Information

Dataminr Pulse streamlines your team’s collaboration, response protocols and critical information flows—enabling real-time command and control of your response as physical and cyber risks emerge and high-impact events unfold.
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Hear From Dataminr Customers

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“Over 90% of our critical events are identified with Dataminr first. Dataminr is identifying crises and high-impact incidents that affect the marketplace. We are protecting our employees and brand with Dataminr.”

Global Security Center Manager

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“Our focus is on protecting our assets, and our most valuable assets are our employees. To do that effectively requires both speed and actionable alerts—both Dataminr strengths. When we protect our employees, we are protecting our brand, as a company and as an employer.”

Global Head of Security Operations
Enterprise Software

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“Dataminr sets the gold standard with their platform and sterling customer service.”

Airline/Aviation Customer

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“If we did not have Dataminr, we would not be able to be as effective and make the kind of decisions we do with confidence. We’d just be guessing.”

Chief Security Officer
Data Analytics and Technology

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“Dataminr gave us the ability to quickly share data and emergency information relevant to each of our locations and needs.”

Corporate Security Customer

Three-person panel webinar on Spotify's corporate security footprint

Defining and Growing Your Security Footprint: A Conversation with Spotify and Dataminr

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Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Dataminr

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A Comprehensive Guide to Business Resilience

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