New Years Eve 2023 Coordination Event
Live webinar

Enhancing Information Superiority & Situational Awareness

date May 16, 1PM - 2PM EDT
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Achieve Decision Advantage with First Alert & ArcGIS

Organizations constantly face mission complexity with both risks and opportunities that require the understanding to make timely and informed decisions.  This challenge includes operational continuity, risks to assets, and potentially the safety and security of personnel and infrastructure.

 Join Dataminr for a live webinar that includes a discussion with LTG (R) Stephen Twitty and Lt Gen (R) Mark C. Nowland, a panel with leaders from the Army Corp of Engineers, 188th Infantry Brigade and Esri, and a demonstration on how to integrate the alerting speed of Dataminr First Alert with spatial analytics platform, Esri ArcGIS for decision advantage and keeping organizations resilient and effective.

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