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How Dataminr Enables Businesses to Mitigate Reputational Risk

Learn how businesses derive value from access to relevant, real-time information when confronted with reputational risks.

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Corporate crisis teams face complex and fast-moving challenges on an increasingly regular basis. Uncoordinated responses to reputational crises have the potential to negatively and/or permanently impact a brand’s reputation—and its bottom line. This is why it’s crucial for teams to frequently stress test crisis management plans for effective business resilience and continuity.

News Leak

Problem: A regional media outlet is the source of a news leak on a company’s confidential expansion. This is problematic as it jeopardizes the company’s planned expansion, its reputation and stakeholder relationships. It also shows that security measures around sensitive communications must be improved. 

Solution: The company is alerted in real time to the news leak, thanks to Dataminr Pulse. The leak could have easily gone unnoticed as the media outlet has low readership. But the alert allows the company’s customer protection team to proactively mitigate the associated business and reputational risks as soon as possible.

Social Media Policies

Problem: Guests of an international hospitality company have taken to social media to speak out against what they believe is the hotel’s inconsistent implementation of the local COVID-19 mask mandate. Having insight into how hotel employees are enforcing mask mandates is critical to preventing potential escalation, including misinformation about the company.

Solution: Dataminr Pulse surfaces the guests’ complaints and the hospitality company is quickly made aware. It then reaches out to local management to rectify their practices as well as offer support to guests.

Geopolitical Shifts

Problem: A tech giant bans a popular global organization from its platform for violating its terms and conditions. This signals a shift in the political climate, one that could have a potential impact on other tech platforms and their respective customers. 

Solution: Dataminr Pulse alerts customers six hours ahead of the major media about the ban. This time advantage on the initial news gives brand managers critical lead time to prepare next steps, adjust marketing communication plans and escalate awareness of the impending shift in the political climate to key stakeholders.

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Learn more about Dataminr Pulse and why organizations like yours rely on it to detect the earliest indications of high-impact events, emerging risks and other business critical information so they can better protect their people, brand and physical and digital assets.

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