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June 15, 2021

Safeguarding Physical Assets in the New Normal

Over the last decade, it’s become increasingly clear just how interconnected our world is, and with it comes a pervasive, ever-expanding surface area of risk. The COVID-19 pandemic is an example of this as its impact was felt globally and led to a cascade of complex and diverse risks that impacted public health, geopolitics, and supply chains.

This new normal means security leaders must now have the capabilities to manage a broader swath of complex and unpredictable risks at unprecedented speeds and volumes.

From the staggering increase in natural disasters to post-COVID-19 return-to-office plans and protocols, the physical security function of organizations remains highly critical. 

In response to this paradigm shift, we’ve developed a physical asset security solution for Dataminr Pulse, our real-time AI platform for detecting the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks for the enterprise.

Better protection for people and assets 

Our real-time information has long been essential to security leaders. Now, with our new physical asset security solution, these leaders and their teams can better understand, visualize and respond to threats to their people and assets.  And, they can do so in a way that allows them to more easily manage and scale their organization’s facilities, locations and most valuable assets.

What does “better” look like? Let’s explore three key ways. 

No. 1: Innovative content. More local alerts and sources. 

In addition to Dataminr Pulse’s more than 150,000 sources of public information—including social media content, internet-connected sensors, news sites, audio feeds, and the deep and dark web—the physical security solution has thousands of new local and hyper-local sources. It has granular coverage at the neighborhood and street level, providing security teams with deeper insight for each of their locations. This expanded content coverage, accessed via dozens of new thematic topics and sub-topics, ensures you receive more tailored and personalized alerts reflecting your unique needs. 

No. 2: Tailored, more relevant and visible real-time alerts. 

Our new solution is easily integrated into existing security workflows, with a more intuitive design that makes it easy for teams to tailor alerts based on their specific area of responsibility. As a result, security teams can  “connect the dots” more quickly and with more flexibility—improving their ability to associate relevant alerts to assets and better see, understand, prioritize, and manage real-time information. 

No. 3: Earliest visibility of real-time information enabled by cutting-edge AI. 

As the risk landscape continues to rapidly evolve, the need for relevant, real-time information will increase for security teams and the enterprise leaders and stakeholders that they support—from supply chain and HR teams to those responsible for environmental, social and governance (ESG). 

Dataminr’s cutting-edge technology translates from 100-plus languages; cross-correlates text, images, video, sound and sensor data; and performs trillions of daily computations using advanced AI techniques. This gives teams the earliest visibility into critical incidents as they unfold in real-time, often within minutes or even seconds of when an event occurs. 

With your leadership and key tools such as our new physical asset security solution, these critical incidents can be put in the right context for quicker action that empowers you to protect your people and most critical assets 24/7. 

Learn more about how our physical security solution can take your risk detection to the next level.  

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