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April 18, 2023

End-to-End Corporate Security With Dataminr Pulse

Enterprise security teams are challenged to build business resilience in a rapidly evolving threat landscape, one in which highly impactful events are multiplying in frequency and severity. In fact, one chief security officer at a Fortune 500 company recently described their new normal as a “perma-crisis.” 

Adding to the challenge is the change in how and where employees work in 2023. With distributed work locations and increased business travel, security teams are rethinking what ensuring duty of care for employees looks like for the modern workforce. On top of it all, they’re being asked to do more with less. Protecting your business, assets and people is harder than ever.

This is why we’re excited to expand Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security to include two-way notifications and HR and travel integrations—creating an end-to-end product that enables enterprise security teams to more effectively monitor risk exposure, initiate crisis response, assess traveler safety and notify employees of active threats. 

With these newly- available capabilities, security teams can use Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security to:

  • Dynamically add and manage employee locations with integrations to HR and travel platforms—synchronizing work locations and travel destinations
  • Rapidly discover and prioritize risks by employee location through highly relevant alerts and geovisualization tools
  • Collaborate across teams on actions and notification plans using incident management tools
  • Create notifications directly from alerts
  • Confirm the safety of employees through multiple modes including text, e-mail and voice
  • Poll employees and receive responses to assess impact and personal safety
  • Operate with speed and efficiency using customizable message templates
  • Track resolution with dashboards that include impacted employees, delivery and response rates

View Infographic: Ensure Employee Safety With Two-way Notification

Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security leverages Dataminr’s leading multi-modal AI platform to provide the speed and scale needed to know first, know more and act faster. The platform is unique in its ability to cross-correlate text in over 100 languages, image, video, sound and sensor data across more than 500,000 unique data sources. 

Using Pulse, planning for and responding to dynamic and unforeseen events is radically improved, people are safer, and business disruption is minimized. All in a single product.

Learn more about Dataminr Pulse for Corporate Security.

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