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February 2, 2021

Dataminr Celebrates Black History Month

At Dataminr, Black History Month has served as a time of education, reflection, and celebration of the rich contributions and history of Black Americans and people of African descent in the United States. 

This year, as we are still feeling the aftershocks of the tumultuous, culture-shifting events of  2020—the COVID-19 pandemic, social and political unrest, natural disasters, and more—it is important to me as the 2021 Black@Dataminr Global Employee Resource Group Lead to recognize and acknowledge the collective grief and trauma that many of us are facing. It’s with honor that I carry this opportunity to bring the allies within our community along, while drawing strength and hope from my global colleagues during both the most difficult of times, and brightest.

This month, the Black@Dataminr employee resource group is highlighting healthy ways to manage the emotional, mental and physical stress many of us are feeling as we reflect on the challenges Black Americans continue to face in the country today. Inside the ERG, we’re doing this with wellness activities, open dialogue, and sharing cultural practices and music throughout the diaspora.

This month, we’ll host internal wellness events to encourage holistic health, launch our “A Seat With Us” series, which will be a dialogue on the Black in tech experience, and spotlight our many Historically Black College graduates and attendees on our social channels on a weekly basis. 

First up, our New York Black@Dataminr Lead, Taylor Lloyd:



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