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AI for the Benefit of Society

Emergency response, global health crises, escalating conflict, climate change and threats to human rights—now more than ever, humanitarian organizations on the frontlines of complex and urgent issues need a real-time view of events as they unfold.

Dataminr is committed to addressing these needs with our AI platform, which delivers real-time alerts on emerging events around the world. With Dataminr, nonprofits can know first, act faster and better serve the world's most vulnerable.

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Qualified nonprofits can unlock free access to Dataminr's real-time alerts when responding to a major event
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First Alert for Nonprofits

Respond in Real Time

Leading nonprofits and multilateral organizations, like the United Nations, rely on First Alert—Dataminr’s real-time alerting product for the public sector—to shorten emergency response times and support humanitarian action around critical events related to climate, conflict and human rights.

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Crisis Response

Information When It Matters Most

Dataminr now offers free access to its First Alert product to qualified nonprofits responding in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster—because effective crisis response requires equitable access to the most up-to-date, relevant information on what’s happening in and around affected areas.

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Social Innovation Lab

Help Build the Future of AI for Good

In spring 2023, Dataminr will launch the Social Innovation Lab—an in-kind incubator that will pair Dataminr’s technology and expertise with the most promising social good causes in key impact areas such as climate, public health and human rights.

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