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Digiday: Marketing Briefing 3/30

Brands are aiming to create entertaining video content to reach consumers who’ve become difficult to reach in an increasingly ad-free world.
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3 Questions with Dataminr CMO Jen Jones

With a global pandemic, civil unrest and more, the last year has been unpredictable. What are some lessons learned from that unpredictability?

Expecting the unexpected and cross-training teams are two business lessons that I don’t think will have an expiration date. This era’s best marketing teams will be built around a culture of flexibility that allows them to quickly adapt and respond to a volatile market.

Over the last year, how has your team’s workflow changed?

With both the team’s safety and Dataminr’s business continuity being top of mind, I prioritized innovating our processes. That meant adjusting communication cadences and methods to be sensitive to our new remote reality, making project plans more visible and evaluating our tech stack to make sure we’re filling in any gaps in capabilities. In addition, we also prioritized cross-training. At a time where people are balancing having their work-life being in their homes, it’s important to make sure that we’re able to be flexible and pick up for each other when “life happens.” This helps to make disruptions in our workflow minimal.

Similar question: Over the last year, how has your approach to marketing changed?

The only thing in marketing that remains the same time after time is change. Preferences, needs, customer markets — they all change. In the past year, our approach has centered on adapting to those changes and considering how they’ve impacted our customers from a more “Business [to] Individual” perspective.
Dataminr’s AI platform is industry-agnostic, so our customers span across a wide variety of industries. While the enterprise risks they’ve faced since the onset COVID-19 have similarities, we’ve prioritized making our marketing content and events more targeted towards the unique challenges and opportunities that our customers face.
Kimeko McCoy

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