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Preparing Execs for Overseas Travel

June 18, 2018 | Professional Security Magazine Online | Traveling overseas comes with risks, especially during high-profile sporting events. Consequently, due to complacency, lack of knowledge, or just bad luck, an executive may find themselves in danger. Yet whilst there’s a widely held assumption that the corporate security department constantly monitors developments at home and abroad, that’s not always true, as most organisations simply lack the necessary tools and resources. 

Dillon Twombly, Vice President of Corporate Sales at Dataminr, discusses how when it comes to overseas travel, security can often be an afterthought, especially for seasoned execs who travel regularly. Without a real-time appreciation of events taking place thousands of miles from the company’s headquarters, the CSO remains one step behind the pace, which often leaves executives on their own and scrambling to secure their safety and security.

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