Crisis Leadership: Business Agility In Times of Crisis

Wed., May 26
11am EDT/ 4pm BST
Morgan Hitzig
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Dataminr
Dr. Sandra Bell
CEO & Founder of The Business Resilience Company

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2021/05/26 11:00 PM EST

About This Webinar

Effective crisis management requires a well-coordinated, multi-disciplinary team to determine what is happening and deliver the best course of action. However research tells us that it’s the skills and behavior of the crisis leader that determines the success or failure of an organization’s response. In the past this could be achieved through ‘command and control’ but the risk landscape has changed and is now more complex and uncertain. As a result the 21st century crisis leader needs to inspire and motivate others to achieve exceptional feats, in order to implement rapid and effective operational outcomes.

Information is crucial for both crisis leadership and management. For those managing a situation ‘on the ground’ it provides a foundation for shared situational awareness. At leadership level, it allows a crisis leader to make well-informed, evidence-based, rapid strategic decisions to stabilize the organization and deliver a new norm.

  • 5 common mistakes that can hinder business resilience
  • 5 strategies that will establish a crisis management & leadership stance to enable resilience