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3 Best Practices for Using Real-time Information to Manage a Crisis

September 30
10am ET, 3pm BST
Ed Oliver
VP, Customer Success at Dataminr
Brooks Crichlow
VP, Product Marketing at Dataminr

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2020/09/30 02:00 PM UTC

About This Webinar

Modern risk management is a highly collaborative exercise. Forward-thinking companies know that risk management cannot be confined to a single department or performed on an ad hoc basis inside operational silos. Teams must share a common view into the specific details around a crisis, and use real-time information as a group to make a better business decisions. 

Join us for a live discussion about:
  • How to categorize and assign responsibility to the four major types of corporate risk
  • The role of real-time information as a catalyst for action in risk management 
  • The importance of democratizing access to information during a crisis

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