Dataminr Raises $130 Million in Growth Capital from Leading Financial Industry Investors

I am excited to announce today that Dataminr has raised an additional $130 million in growth capital, a significant milestone on our path to becoming the world’s leading real-time information discovery company.

In securing new investments from leading members of the financial industry, institutions that range from Fidelity, to Wellington, to Credit Suisse, to legendary financial industry veterans like John Mack, former CEO of Morgan Stanley and Vikram Pandit, former CEO of CitiGroup, Tom Glocer, former CEO of Reuters; Noam Gottesman, founder of the hedge fund GLG; and Nicolas Berggruen, founder of the Berggruen Institute on Governance, and additional financial institutions including WorldQuant Ventures, Glynn Capital and Goldman Sachs; our company has the backing of some of the world’s premiere institutional and individual investors.

Since our founding in 2009, reliance on Dataminr has become widespread not only on Wall Street, but also across many industries that depend on real-time information.

In the public sector – cities, states, parts of the Federal Government, both domestic and abroad, are leveraging the unique power of Dataminr today to receive the earliest possible warnings of disasters and other major incidents in order to better protect their citizens and help save lives.

Across the media industry – Dataminr has rapidly become the real-time information standard for news organizations. Since the public launch of Dataminr for News last year, Dataminr has grown from a single newsroom to more than 150 newsrooms, establishing itself as an essential tool for any journalist seeking to better, faster, and more accurately cover breaking news events and information.

And, at security and crisis management watch centers around the globe, Dataminr is providing crucial early warnings to some of the world’s largest corporations on emerging threats and crises so that their assets, interests and employees are better protected.

This newly raised capital will enable Dataminr to meet the tremendous global demand for our products, expand into new verticals, and integrate valuable new datasets into our algorithmic engine to enhance our Twitter-based signals and broaden our offering. The explosion of real-time public data will only continue in the years to come and Dataminr’s ambition is to continue being the leader in discovering valuable signals from within this exponentially broadening sea of data.

From helping to deploy first responders more quickly, to helping companies better protect themselves, to providing news outlets better and faster information, to giving financial professionals a leg up on the broader market – Dataminr has become a cornerstone of how real-time information is discovered and acted upon. The opportunity ahead for Dataminr is as significant as is the need for real-time information in decision making.

As a founder of the company, I am very proud of what our company and every one of our employees has accomplished. With an even stronger financial foundation in place to achieve our broadest ambitions, I am incredibly excited about what lies ahead!

Ted Bailey, Founder and CEO of Dataminr

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