Dataminr for News: An industry-changing product that was successfully created through a direct data partnership with Twitter

After a little more than a year since the launch of Dataminr for News, a product jointly developed by Dataminr and Twitter, we at Dataminr are thrilled that the product has exceeded all expectations.

Every day, nearly 200 news organizations around the world rely on Dataminr for News to help achieve their core missions: being better, faster and more accurate when covering breaking news and events. Our product has become an essential tool across the industry, providing a seamless, real-time bridge between citizen reporters on the ground experiencing events firsthand and decision-makers in the newsroom.

At its core, Twitter is what makes this possible – both their rich real-time data, as well as their crucial support to Dataminr in developing and disseminating our product across the global news landscape.

Dataminr for News provides a unique window into Twitter’s approach to its data partners: how having direct relationships with analytic companies like ours has fostered innovation and enabled the deeper integration of Twitter data into the work-flow and daily process of business professionals.

When building Dataminr for News, Twitter did far more than just provide our company with their raw realtime data. Twitter’s news team joined us onsite at media organizations to gather feedback, helped us iterate the product to address the unique needs of the news professionals, and ultimately worked hand-in-hand with our team to deploy the product to news organizations globally. And they went one step further – they incorporated Dataminr alerts into their own product Tweetdeck, providing yet another way for journalists to receive their Dataminr alerts in a manner fully integrated into their work-flow and daily process.

Our close relationship with Twitter over the last three years of our partnership has been an essential ingredient in Dataminr’s transition from a “start-up” to the industry leader we are today.

When we first met Twitter in 2011, we were a tiny company with only a few people and less than a handful of beta clients. After three years of close direct partnership with Twitter, Dataminr has grown into an industry leader with hundreds of clients globally across an ever-growing number of verticals spanning financial services, public sector, media, security and more. We have over 150 employees across five offices and recently completed a growth capital round of $130m, providing Dataminr with the resources to achieve our company’s greatest ambitions.

Twitter has been there with us every step of the way – helping Dataminr enter new markets, build new products, raise capital, and grow its client base.

We are proud to have Twitter as a strategic partner and have all learned a tremendous amount from them as a result. Each day we strive to be a better company and build more effective products for clients – Twitter is at the center of that goal.

All of us at Dataminr look forward to continuing that relationship and shared commitment for many years to come.

– Ted Bailey, Founder & CEO, Dataminr