#BreakingNews: We’re working with Slack to transform how news teams collaborate in real-time

Slack DataminrWe’re thrilled to be a platform partner of Slack for the launch of Slack Enterprise Grid! Together we’re transforming how media organizations collaborate in real-time around breaking news.

The enterprise-ready Dataminr for News Slack App delivers the fastest tips to breaking and pre-viral news stories into a dedicated channel, allowing quick, seamless collaboration within media organizations.

“Dataminr’s Slack integration is indispensable for us at The Huffington Post. We’ve created channels for different news events and coverage areas, and are able to discuss alerts as they flow in. It’s a great way to collaborate in real time with HuffPost’s hundreds of journalists around the world,” says Ethan Klapper, Global Social Media Editor at The Huffington Post.

Dataminr Alerts viewed within a Slack channel provide a quick snapshot and include links to view more information in the Dataminr for News web application or on Twitter. Alerts also highlight eyewitness video and photos embedded in the original Tweet, giving journalists an immediate sense of what’s happening on the ground.

Developed with Twitter, Dataminr for News uses proprietary algorithms to instantly analyze all 500 million public Tweets per day and deliver the earliest tips to breaking news and pre-trending stories to more than 250 newsrooms around the world.

A Dataminr for News enterprise account is required to view Dataminr Alerts within Slack. To learn more email slack@dataminr.com.