Industry Specific Products

Dataminr for News helps the newsroom keep an eye on all of Twitter, alerting journalists to real-time leads for them to investigate further.  Journalists don’t have to watch a stream of information - the most actionable Tweets find them, including the ones they don’t know they’re looking for. Dataminr for News is an enterprise application, with applicability across the newsroom.  News Professionals are able to define personalized signals based upon the user's particular topics of interest and regions of focus.  Signals are delivered automatically via the application, email, instant message and integration into internal systems. Dataminr for News was developed in partnership with Twitter.
Financial Services professionals use Dataminr for Finance to take action on early market moving information, to gather information from non-traditional sources, and to conduct deeper research from a perspective and timeliness that only Dataminr and our unique data set can provide. Dataminr for Finance delivers a relevant stream of content to financial professionals based upon their personalized portfolio of tickers, sectors and macro topics. This provides financial users with a new source of alpha, as well as key insights, off-the-radar context and differentiated perspective.
Knowing information first, whether by hours or minutes, helps those entrusted with keeping Americans & American interests safe – both at home and abroad – to save lives. Dataminr instantly analyzes all publicly available Tweets for real-time information related to public safety, including shootings, fires, transportation and other serious accidents, extreme weather and illness outbreaks. Dataminr delivers customizable real-time signals about events as they develop via email, instant messaging and integration into internal warning systems.
Corporations around the world rely on Dataminr to learn about incidents, threats, and disruptions which can impact their people, assets, and operations. Through leveraging Twitter’s global sensor network, Dataminr detects breaking information first, often hours ahead of traditional news sources. Chief Security Officers and Intelligence Analysts use Dataminr for a variety of use cases, including 24/7 monitoring, travel security, and executive protection.