Dataminr Announces the North American Launch of Dataminr for News

Media Development Partners Include CNN, BBC, The Weather Channel, USA Today/Gannett

New York, NY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 – Dataminr, the leading real-time information discovery company, announced today the North American commercial launch of Dataminr for News, a product first announced earlier this year with CNN and Twitter. The Dataminr for News commercial release provides journalists with the most sophisticated technology for detecting and verifying breaking information on Twitter in real-time, and includes the launch of a new mobile application which delivers alerts to journalists wherever they happen to be. Dataminr for News also includes an integration into TweetDeck, a Twitter product widely used by many journalists across the industry, enabling Dataminr for News users to seamlessly receive their alerts in a dedicated TweetDeck column.

Dataminr will be collaborating closely with Twitter’s news partnership team, which has been an integral part of the product development process, to bring Dataminr for News to more news organizations in North America. Dataminr for News will be available through Dataminr in combination with other Twitter product offerings and available at a discounted rate for Twitter’s preferred news partners.

Dataminr’s leading development partners have expanded from CNN since the initial announcement to BBC, The Weather Channel, USA Today and Gannett’s affiliates, 11 Alive and The Des Moines Register. Since originally announced, Dataminr for News is now live in trials at over 50 news organizations, where Dataminr’s technology is currently relied on by thousands of journalists every day. Even during this trial phase, Dataminr has quickly established itself as the new front line of breaking information across a large number of news organizations.

“While Dataminr was originally developed to service clients in the Finance and Public sectors, our groundbreaking technology has also proven to be extremely powerful in the hands of journalists — providing early and accurate tips detected in real-time from within Twitter’s more than 500M daily public tweets and originating from any source around the world, not just a newswire or other traditional information sources. 

Partnering with our pilot news organizations —CNN, BBC, The Weather Channel, USA Today and Gannett’s Atlanta affiliate — has given us a tremendous opportunity to work closely with news organizations on a global, national and local level and to fine tune our capacity for delivering relevant information to newsrooms in real-time. 

I’m thrilled to be able to announce today that we will be expanding this offering to even more newsrooms and look forward to Dataminr for News becoming an essential part of the daily toolkit of all journalists.” – Ted Bailey, Founder and CEO of Dataminr

“Twitter is where news breaks and journalists have long relied on the service to gather information about a news event. In an industry based on speed and accuracy there is a growing need to close the gap between the useful information in Twitter’s real-time dataset and newsrooms. Dataminr for News creates a seamless, immediate bridge between eyewitnesses on the ground using Twitter and decision-makers in the newsroom. We’re excited to be working closely with Ted and his team at Dataminr to bring this technology to more of our news partners.”  Vivian Schiller, Twitter’s Head of News Partnerships.

“More and more, Twitter is the place where eye-witness accounts and images of breaking news events are revealed in real time. But by itself, Twitter’s flood of information can be overwhelming. Dataminr successfully harnesses Twitter’s feed, turning it into a vital tool for our digital journalists. It gives us a jump when news breaks” – Beryl Love, Executive Editor, USA TODAY Network National News Desk

“Over the past year, Dataminr has become an essential tool that our journalists rely on.  Matching CNN’s global resources with Dataminr’s real-time, worldwide scope has been a uniquely powerful news-breaking combination” – Richard Griffiths, VP and Senior Editorial Director at CNN

“Dataminr has become a powerful tool for The Weather Channel as major news events increasingly break and are documented on social media. The tool is particularly useful at discovering social gems from an avalanche of noise” – Neil Katz, Vice President/Editor-in-Chief of Digital at The Weather Channel

Dataminr for News will formally launch in areas outside of North America in early 2015.

Twitter and Dataminr for News will be hosting several events for news partners at this year’s Online News Association Conference in Chicago Sept 24-26.

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About Dataminr:

Dataminr is the leading real-time information discovery company for enterprise clients. Dataminr transforms the more than 500,000,000 public Tweets per day into a small set of actionable alerts, identifying the most relevant information in real-time for clients in the Public Sector, Media and Finance.  Using powerful, proprietary algorithms, Dataminr instantly analyzes those half a billion points of information and delivers the earliest warnings of breaking news, real-world events, off-the-radar content and emerging trends.  Dataminr clients receive information first, ahead of traditional sources.

Dataminr for Finance is currently used by buy-side and sell-side professionals at over 50 financial firms with over $1 Trillion in combined assets under management.  Dataminr also services a number of clients in the Public Sector at the Federal, State and local levels, providing crucial information first when lives at stake and every moment counts.  In partnership with Twitter, Dataminr has developed Dataminr for News, which is now live at over 50 news organizations.

Founded in 2009, Dataminr has over 100 employees and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Washington DC, Bozeman Montana, and London. Dataminr has raised $50 million and is backed by Venrock and Institutional Venture Partners.